Loyola University Chicago consistently ranks among the top universities in the nation.

Accelerated Learning Path

Whether you choose our Accelerated BSN program in Maywood or Downers Grove, Illinois, you’ll follow the same education path hundreds of successful nursing graduates have taken before you. 

Taught by accomplished scholars, our Jesuit curriculum not only prepares you to enter the workforce a competent, compassionate nurse, but also lead an extraordinary life of service.

As a Loyola ABSN student, your path to nursing includes:

  • Accelerated nursing courses that lay the foundation for your education.
  • Nursing skills and simulation labs that put your knowledge into practice.
  • Clinical experience at leading health care facilities in the Chicago area.   

Open to students of all faiths, our ABSN program teaches the importance of integrity and compassion while providing quality care to diverse patient populations, including society’s most vulnerable.

Nursing Faculty

Promoting a culture of inclusiveness, individual support, and collaboration, our nursing faculty are committed to academic excellence and student success.

ABSN Courses

Available online or face-to-face, our ABSN courses teach the fundamentals of nursing, from ethics to pathophysiology, within a compressed timeframe.

Nursing Labs

Simulating a clinical environment, our nursing labs teach safe, effective skills application in a setting where it’s OK to make and correct mistakes. 

Clinical Rotations

Starting second semester, clinical rotations provide a first-hand look at how to deliver safe, effective, and ethical care to diverse patient populations. 

Jesuit Values

Framed within the context of Jesuit values, our nursing curriculum focuses on academic excellence, service of humanity, responsible leadership, and global awareness. By combining faith and reason with intellectual rigor, our ABSN program develops competent, compassionate nurse leaders who serve with a commitment to social justice and the greater good.

Take the Accelerated Path to Nursing. 

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