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Course Delivery Options

When it comes to the fundamentals of nursing, we give you the option to complete your ABSN courses online or on campus. While there are distinct differences between these course delivery options, they feature the same rigorous nursing curriculum over the span of four, full-time semesters. 

To complete the ABSN courses online, through our e-Learning platform, you must: 

  • Enroll in our Downers Grove accelerated nursing program.

To complete the ABSN courses on campus, in a traditional classroom setting, you must: 

  • Enroll in our Maywood accelerated nursing program.

Whether you complete your ABSN courses online or on campus, you’ll put this fundamental knowledge into practice during your in-person nursing labs and clinical rotations.


Online Option

On-Campus Option

Program Location

ABSN Learning Center – Downers Grove, IL

Health Sciences Campus – Maywood, IL

ABSN Courses

Online instruction, flexible learning schedule

Face-to-face instruction, fixed learning schedule

Nursing Labs

In person at learning center

In person on campus

Clinical Rotations

In person at local health-care facilities

In person at local health-care facilities

Full-on Support

Whether you attend our accelerated nursing program in Downers Grove or Maywood, you’ll be part of a learning culture that believes in inclusiveness, individual support, and collaboration. Because when it comes to our nursing faculty, you won’t find a more passionate group of scholars and clinicians. Well versed in a variety of teaching methodologies, these experienced educators are available to support you every step of the way—no matter your ABSN course delivery option.

Which Learning Option is Right for You?

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